MODE Studios Chief Creative Officer Bob Bonnio, and Principal Designer Pablo Molina, rolled with an "A" team of artists and technicians to bring order and beauty to the vast screens driven production of Rodan + Fields Convention 2017


Working under the guidance of GPJ Executive Producer Gavin Link, Bob generated concepts and renderings for a beat by beat breakdown of the flashy and informative programming that thirty thousand enthusiastic R+F Associates would soak up onsite at the MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas.


Pablo headed up the Screens Programming team, while also creating custom Notch realtime animations on the fly to make sure that execution was flawless for the audience onsite, as well as for the broadcast stream going out live to the thousand tuning in remotely.


The event culminated with a fantastic concert by pop star Rachel Platten.  MODE provided custom concert content as well as Notch Real Time effects programming to perfectly culminate this multi day exravaganza...  We were thrilled to be working with our favorite showman at GPJ to once again create memorable experiences !