Creative Director Bob Bonniol collaborated with the imprassario Raj Kapoor to dazzle audiences nightly in Shania's extended Las Vegas run at Caesar's Palace

What do you do when you have one of the biggest LED screens on the planet ?  How do you step up to create a WHOLE show to compete with that ?  Why, you projection map the entire room, plus a crazy set cooked up in the wild mind of Michael Cotton.  Add the iconic lighting of Peter Morse, and the directing genius of Raj Kapoor, and you have a show that truly meets the definition of "spectacular".  Bob Bonniol provided a system design and select content that could enable this pixelicious expression, and MODE Studios provided the massive array of projectors and d3 servers required to bring it to life.  With phenomenal programming by Ben Keightley, Shania Twain's show packed them in for a multi year run.