Wyn Bielaska

Experience Architect

Beginning in 2015, the principals of MODE Studios - Bob and Colleen Bonniol - began formally developing MODE Architectural as a dynamic new facet of their company, specializing in the design and implementation of video and interactive features in permanent installations. Through that focus, their bond with registered Architect (Ontario Association of Architects) and master instructor Wyn Bielaska was forged, leading to Wyn coming onboard in 2018 as a key leader for company pursuits where architecture and experiential media intersect. With the emergence of "theater everywhere," this melding of masterful craftsmanship with artful entertainment is in great demand.

Acknowledged as a "phenom" in the realm of architecture, Wyn's unique vision and his highly original designs have introduced new aesthetics into many famous building projects now existing in North America, Europe, China and the Middle East. The range spans museums, performing arts centers, large mixed use complexes, resorts, waterfront developments and much more. Continuing to this day as an instructor at the University of Washington, Wyn has been teaching option studios in the University's Masters Program at the Faculty of the Built Environment since 2002. He is also a sculptor, a photographer and a multimedia artist.

Citing his love for architecture as the source of his energy and his superpowers in inspiring others, Wyn admits to being super-sensitive to all the senses... and to others' feelings and perceptions of place. Undoubtedly, these sensibilities have been attuned through decades of diligence dedicated to extraordinary architectural design, and to educating legions of future leaders in the field. Prior to launching his freelance career as an architect and designer in 2015, Wyn spent eight years at Callison, working on special retail projects for the likes of Nordstrom and REI, while also overseeing scores of massive projects at the conceptual level and serving on the firm's Design Excellence Review committee. Prior to that, Wyn spent several years as design principal for Krei Architecture, and as project architect and senior concept designer for Nick Milkovich Architects. Those experiences grew from his more than 20-year tenure with Arthur Erickson, for whom Wyn could not have higher praise. Calling Erickson "the most inspiring mentor of my career," Wyn's years immersed in Erickson's ultra-sophisticated design culture - together with his experiences teaching at the University of Toronto and the University of Washington - gave him the ability to contribute expertise to any and all phases of the most daunting architectural projects.